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What Does Growing for Greater Service Mean?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Needed Growth, Shelter Expansion Next Steps, and Updates From Chum

Chum staff photo

Thank you so much for engaging with us and supporting your community. Our support staff, family coaches, youth advocates, safety aides, and the entire team could not do what we do without your support.

Because of your time, energy, advocacy, and giving heart, we are able to continue our work in Duluth. Families are fed, children are housed, and people feel dignity and hope that may, at one point, have been lost.

Clearly, the number of people experiencing homelessness has been on the rise. We see more and more new people every day. Something needs to change. Which is why we have been preparing to grow for greater service.

Growing for greater services not only means growing our number of staff, it means helping our staff grow as professionals. It means actually growing our building and expanding our shelter.

We are trying to grow for greater service because the need for our services has outgrown us. We are looking for staff to support our guests. And we are looking for advocates to assist us in expanding our shelter.

Thank you for your continued support. With your help, we can all make Duluth a more just and compassionate community.

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