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Chum is governed by a Delegate Assembly composed of up to 3 representatives from each of our 40 member congregations as well as up to 40 at-large representatives. The Delegate Assembly meets quarterly and elects the Chum Board of Directors in February. The Board of Directors, staffed by Chum's Executive Director, meets monthly to review and evaluate finances, programs, and staff. Each Board Member serves on a committee of the board. Committees fluctuate based on current issues and needs of the organization.

If you are interested in becoming a member congregation please send us an email at!


Our Board of Directors

We need people with experience in finance or construction, people who are clergy from our member congregations, and individuals representing communities of color. 

President: Julie Jagim (2021)

Vice President: Laurie O'Melia O'Neill (2017) 

Treasurer: Sr. Kathleen Hofer (2024)

Secretary: Marty Sozansky (2021)



Deborah Freedman (2021)

Tim Zager (2020) 

Jamie Ness (2023)

Nicole Hopps (2023)

Liz Benson Johnson (2023)

Karen Pionk (2023)

Pastor John Ansell (2024)

Gina Lafond (2024)

Seth Loeffler-Kemp (2024)

Maribeth Mark (2024)

Rev. Wayne Pulford (2024)

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