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Success Stories

As a nonprofit in Duluth, MN dedicated to serving individuals and families facing homelessness, we are proud to say that we have helped countless individuals find housing and recover from the trauma of experiencing homelessness.


Jill & Travis

Our Street Outreach Coordinator, Deb Holman, met a couple who were experiencing homelessness a few years ago. She helped them through hard winter nights and provided them with resources so that they could recover from experiencing homelessness. 

Both Jill and Travis went through horrible divorces at separate times. They were both experiencing homelessness at the same time when they met. They both pushed each other to get clean, find housing, and stabilize their lives. 

With Deb's help, they are now in stable housing, and are able to focus on their goals. Watch the video below to hear more about their story.

Moving Out!

The Steve O'Neil Apartments are a place where families can recover from the trauma of experiencing homelessness through permanent supportive housing. In other words, they have an affordable place to live, and dedicated staff to help them through their struggles. 

Rent is based on what people can pay (it is a bit more complicated than that, so bear with us), and eventually, some of our families get to a point where they can afford market-rate rent. Many choose to move out so that other families can move in and get the support they need.

This amazing woman shares her journey and how she went from no where else to go, to now supporting her child and moving out!

More Coming Soon

Putting these together takes a little while! Keep an eye out for more of the ways we have been supporting our brothers and sisters experiencing homelessness.

Please Consider Supporting Chum

There are many ways to support us! A gift of money can help us support all of our programs. A gift of time, through volunteering, can help us complete crucial projects. And donations of warmth, clothing, and shelter help keep folks living outside of shelter alive.

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