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Wish List

The Chum Wish List is where we keep what we need most for each program. Donations can be brought to our administrative office at 102 W 2nd St from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. If possible, please sort your donations into separate bags/containers by item. We do not accept miscellaneous clothing items; kindly take miscellaneous clothing items to the Damiano Center or the Salvation Army.

Thank you so much for partnering with us and supporting our mission!

Check out our Amazon Wishlist to have items sent straight to those in need.

At the Steve O'Neil Apartments, we have a great need for transportation. The search for a passenger van to help families get to appointments, programs, and other important things has extended for over a year now. If you could help or want to contribute to this, please get in contact with us!

For those who are living outside

Two Person Tents Preferably with a rain fly.

0 Degree Sleeping Bags.

Rain Tarps.

Winter Gear: Socks, Jackets, Hats, and Mittens.

Gas Cards to Gas Stations $20.

For those who are living at the St. Francis Apartments

High Priority​

  • Furniture 

    • We're running out of "nonessential" furniture for tenants, especially the ones just moving in.

    • Comfy chairs

    • Bookshelves

    • Small dressers

    • Tables


Medium Priority

  • Small vacuums for tenants

  • Brooms for tenants

  • Small garbage bins

  • Shower rugs

  • Shower curtains

  • Shower mats for in the tubs

  • Front door mats (to keep floor clean from dirt)


Low Priority

  • Tool kit for staff

  • Power drill for staff

  • Dog treats for staff to give to dogs


Always Need

  • Monthly bus passes

  • Gift cards for grocery stores, dollar stores, pharmacies etc. 

    • when tenants have no cash, it would be nice to have gift cards to get them through the month

  • Toiletries 

    • shampoos

    • conditioners

    • deodorants 

    • mouthwash

    • air fresheners

  • Quart-size Ziplock bags

  • Can openers

  • Cleaning supplies

    • dish soap

    • bleach kitchen cleaner

    • Tide Pods/Laundry detergent 

    • window cleaning solution 

    • disinfectant wipes

    • Scrubbing bubbles fresh gel toilet cleaning stamp or Clorox toilet cleaning wand 

  • Towels of all kinds

  • Regular light bulbs

  • Toilet paper

  • Paper towel

For those who are living at the Steve O'Neil Apartments

Pots and Pans

Silverware and Cooking Utensils

Bath Towels

Kitchen Table and Chairs


Lounge Chairs

Garbage Cans

First Aid Kits

Lice Kits

Toilet Paper

Twin and Queen sized sheets

Shower Curtains

Laundry Soap

For those who are living in Family Shelter

High Priority:

Bath Towels

Hand Towels


Twin Sized Fitted Sheet


Pots and Pans



Laundry Soap

Low Priority:


Sippy Cups


Oven Mitts

Cleaning Cloths

New Full-Size Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash

Always Needed:

Monthly Bus Passes

Daily Bus Passes

Amazon Wishlist

For Those Who Are Hungry

Canned Fruits and Vegetable


White or Brown rice


Pasta Sauce


Peanut Butter

Canned Tuna and Chicken

Macaroni and Cheese

Canned Soups (not Creamed)

Canned Pasta

For Those Staying in Our Shelter

Hygiene Products


Sewing Kits


New Underwear (Men's and Women's)



Fitted Single Sheets

Washable Single Blankets

Adult Coloring Books and Markers

What we do not need

Mouthwash Containing Alcohol



Stuffed Animals

Decorative Pillows

Miscellaneous Clothing

Used bottles of any product

Please Consider Supporting Chum

There are many ways to support us! A gift of money can help us support all of our programs. A gift of time, through volunteering, can help us complete crucial projects. And donations of warmth, clothing, and shelter help keep folks living outside of shelter alive.

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