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Spring is Here in Duluth... Kinda....

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

What does spring look like for nonprofits in Duluth, MN?

Chum downtown Shelter

Spring is full of change. Snow melting, leaves budding, rhubarb beginning to sprout. 70-degree days followed by a snowstorm the next. This is what spring in Minnesota brings.

The people we serve also experience many changes in the springtime, and we play an important role in supporting them through these transitions. For individuals experiencing homelessness or financial instability, the arrival of spring can mean a chance for renewal and a fresh start.

However, it can also be a time of increased need, as families may be struggling to provide food and shelter for themselves and their loved ones.

We work to provide support and resources to those in need throughout the year, but spring can be a particularly crucial time for our organization and others like us.

As the warmer weather and longer days of spring arrive, non-profit organizations typically experience a rise in the number of people seeking shelter, food, or other support services.

Specifically, we need help catching up with our goal for the March Food Drive. We did not meet our goal in March, and this is a crucial time for us to gather food for the families we serve, as going into summer, families are more pressed to provide food with their kids being home, which places more stress on our food shelf.

We want all of the shelves to be completely full so we can continue to provide thousands of families with whole and nutritious food!

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