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So you want to grow some Rhubarb

by Rhubarbara Stalk

So, you want to grow rhubarb as big as this huh? Well it takes a bit more than your average gardener to grow a leaf bigger than this.

As the sun starts shining brighter and the birds start chirping louder, it's time to get our gardens groovin' for the springtime fiesta! And what better way to kick off the party than with the vibrant and tangy taste of rhubarb? This versatile ingredient is like the life of the garden party, adding a pop of flavor to everything from pies to sauces. So, let's dive into the essential steps for getting your rhubarb ready to rock the season ahead!

1. Dividing the Root: To get your rhubarb revved up for the season, it's time for a little root remix. Grab your gardening tools and dig up that old root, being sure to channel your inner rhubarb rockstar as you do. Once you've unearthed it, give it a good split into pieces with at least one bud in each. It's like giving your plant a backstage pass to the springtime show!

2. Replanting: Now that your rhubarb is ready to rock, it's time to find it a prime spot in the garden. Choose a sunny location with soil that's as rich as a rockstar's backstage rider. Plant your rhubarb divisions, cover them up with a little soil blanket, and get ready to watch them grow and shine like the rockstars they are!

3. Soil Serenade: Give your rhubarb the VIP treatment by serenading it with some soulful soil preparation. Mix in some compost like it's confetti at a concert, creating a fertile playground for your rhubarb to strut its stuff. Trust us, your rhubarb will thank you with a symphony of deliciousness!

4. Mulching and Watering: Keep the party going by mulching your rhubarb with a cozy blanket of straw. It's like giving your plants a little rest after their rockin' performance. And don't forget to water them when they're thirsty – even rockstars need a drink now and then!

5. Maintenance Mayhem: To keep your rhubarb rocking all season long, give it a little maintenance TLC. Add some composted manure for a nutrient boost and show those pesky seed stalks the door before they crash the party. With a little love and care, your rhubarb will be ready to steal the show all season long!

So there you have it, folks – the ultimate guide to getting your rhubarb ready to rock the springtime scene! Get ready to groove to the rhythm of rhubarb and enjoy a season filled with deliciousness and garden party vibes.

Thanks y'all. If you are planning to come out to the Rhubarb Festival on June 29th to see ME mark those calendars and pray for sunshine!

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