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Rhubarb Enthusiasts, We Need Your Help!

We hope this blog finds you in good spirits as we gear up for the much-anticipated annual Rhubarb Festival! This year, we are recognizing Chum's 50th anniversary and are hoping we can all make this event extra special! We are thrilled to announce that the festival will be taking place on Saturday, June 24th, and we extend a huge thank you to Stella Maris Academy for hosting again this year.

As the festival draws near, we are reaching out to our incredible supporters, like you, to ask for your support and participation as volunteers. Volunteering at the Rhubarb Festival is an excellent opportunity to engage with fellow community members, showcase your talents, and contribute to the success of this exciting event. Whether you are a passionate foodie, a music lover, or simply someone who wants to give back, there is a volunteer role for everyone.

The success of the Rhubarb Festival relies on the dedication and support of volunteers like you. We are in need of hundreds of volunteers to ensure the smooth operation of the festival and create a memorable experience for all attendees. Here are some of the volunteer roles available:

  • Rhubarb Harvesters

  • Kitchen Support

  • Sign Distributors

  • And much more

You can sign up for any role that suits you best by clicking the button below. We still need HUNDREDS of volunteer spots to be filled!

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