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How to Become a Member Congregation

Our member congregations are crucial to our organization. If you are interested in becoming one, please read the section below!

Congregations seeking membership in Chum shall:

1. Embrace the purpose of Chum as specified in Article III Section A of the Constitution and
Covenant: “Chum is people of faith working together to provide basic necessities, foster stable lives,
and organize for a just and compassionate community.”

2. Obtain an official decision to join by the congregation or governing body of the congregation and request
membership in writing to Chum Board of Directors.

3. Make an annual financial pledge to the work of Chum and/or a significant in-kind contribution.

4. Actively participate through clergy and lay delegates on the Delegate Assembly.

When a congregation seeks membership in Chum, the Executive Director shall:

1. Present current Chum mission to membership or representatives of prospective congregation.

2. Review application of prospective member congregation.

3. Make a recommendation regarding membership to the Executive Committee.

Upon recommendation of Executive Committee, the Board of Directors shall vote to recommend applicant
as member congregation (two-thirds majority).

Recommendation of membership will be voted on at the next Delegate Assembly meeting (two-thirds

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