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Updates From St. Francis

March brought new beginnings to our community as we welcomed a new tenant to our midst. At our residential complex, we cherish the opportunity to welcome individuals into their new homes and assist them in settling comfortably into their units.

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure every resident feels at home, we are actively working on fixing up rooms with the help of our dedicated maintenance team. If you have any full- or queen-sized mattresses, nightstands, dressers, small tables, or comfortable chairs in good condition that you're looking to donate, we would be incredibly grateful. Your contributions help us create warm and inviting spaces for our new tenants.

Moreover, we invite you to join us in setting up rooms and preparing them for rental. Whether you're an individual looking to lend a helping hand or a congregational group seeking a community involvement opportunity, your assistance in staging furniture and making our spaces inviting is invaluable. It's not just about furnishing rooms; it's about creating a sense of belonging for those who call our community home.

With the arrival of spring, we're gearing up to beautify our surroundings by planting flowers in our gardens. If you're passionate about gardening and would like to contribute by donating flowers, we would love to hear from you. Your generosity will help us add vibrant colors and fragrances to our shared spaces, enhancing the beauty of our community.

In addition to providing comfortable living spaces, we strive to foster connections and create memorable experiences for our residents. One such event is our monthly bingo night, hosted by a dedicated staff member. This event has become a favorite among tenants, offering them an opportunity to socialize, have fun, and win exciting prizes. To ensure the success of these gatherings, we welcome donations of gift cards, which enable us to purchase prizes from the Dollar Store. Your contributions help make our bingo nights even more enjoyable for everyone involved.

For any inquiries or to express your interest in contributing to our community initiatives, please don't hesitate to contact us at 218-491-7811 ext. 102. Your support and involvement are deeply appreciated as we continue to create a welcoming and vibrant community for all.

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