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CHUM provides Emergency Shelter services for Duluth residents at two locations in downtown Duluth. The Congregate Shelter provides dormitory-style shelter for single people while the Family Shelter offers a homeless families 24-hour apartments. Shelter stay length is dependent upon the needs and cooperation of the guest. Each shelter resident is required to meet daily with a Housing Stabilization Adavocate to work toward a resolution of their housing issues. Residents are also required to be sober and non-violent.

Family Shelter space if limited, therefore families are welcome to stay in our Congregate Shelter.

If you are homeless and looking for shelter, come to the CHUM Center at 125 N. 1st Ave. West by 4 p.m. The staff will work with you to determine where you will stay.

To contact the CHUM Shelter call 218-726-0153.

Transitional Housing

In cooperation with CHUM member congregation First Lutheran Church, CHUM provides Housing Advocacy support to a three-apartment Transitional Housing Facility. This program provides participant families with up to two years of housing assistance, during which time the family can work to stabilize their lives and find permanent shelter. Residents are required to meet weekly with an assigned Housing Advocate.

Permanent Supportive Housing

The benevolent support of the Benedictine Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery allowed CHUM to open the RUAH Permanent Supportive Housing facility in the fall of 2007. RUAH (Rehabilitating Urban Affordable Housing) was designed to create affordable housing in Duluth's Central Hillside through the renovation of existing building stock. As Permanent Supportive Housing, RUAH provides apartment living for families who need long-term support in order to stay off the streets. Residents are responsible for paying their own rent and meeting weekly with a CHUM Housing Advocate for support. RUAH residents are expected to work through the issues that caused them to become homeless.

CHUM working in conjunction with other local agencies opened the Steve O'Neil Apartments with 44 units of Permanent Supportive Housing in December of 2015. The building is owned and operated by Center City Housing, DW Jones is the management company and CHUM provides the permanent supportive housing services to those living there.

RUAH and Steve O'Neil Apartment residents can stay on as long as they choose.

Housing Advocacy

CHUM advocates work diligently with each CHUM client. Advocates assist clients in saving money for apartment down payments, working through mental health issues, finding child care and parenting assistance, as well as providing day-to-day emotional support. Advocates also provide referrals to other community programs so that clients can find their place in society.

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